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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mayank Anand On A New Mission

Mayank Anand will select 10 of his die hard fans as the Angels who will take up the mission of spreading the word of love....

Trust Mayank Anand to do the extraordinary and out of the box thinking.
He is currently busy making preparations for his debut book launch, called Love from the Sidelines, which is about the diary
of a woman falling in love with a married man.
The marketing team has now launched a concept called 'Mayank's Angels' as part of the book launch where Mayank would select 10 of his die hard fans as Angels. These girls will take on the mission to spread the word of love and mend broken hearts on different Dill Mill Gaye forums.

3 of the girls have already been selected and now they have joined hands with the team to find the rest 7 and take the mission forward. Mayank has already been bombarded with emails, "I got so many mails that I had to spend 4 days just going through all of them. I knew people loved Dr. Rahul's character but it's only like this when you come to know of the numbers. It's emotionally overwhelming." said Mayank.

Mayank also wants at least two of the ten angels to be selected from ***. "Mayank specifically asked us to give special attention to those replies that come from India-Forums. We have asked *** readers to send in their IF ids in their replies." says Sunil Poolani, Executive Director, Leadstart Publishing.

Here's wishing the readers good luck! You think you can be one of the lucky 7?
Courtesy: I-F

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