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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sonia Singh To Enter In NDTV Imagine's Jyoti

NDTV Imagine's Jyoti will see the entry of Sonia Singh of Dill Mill Gaye fame, as the new girl in Pankaj's life...

Pankaj aka Sarwar Ahuja in NDTV Imagine's Jyoti has moved on in life, after getting the divorce papers signed by Jyoti (Sneha Wagh).
His family is now thinking of getting him married again, and Pankaj actually accepts the decision. There will soon be a new girl in Pankaj's life, and entering the show will be Sonia Singh.

Sonia Singh is presently seen in the role of Dr. Kirti in Star One's Dill Mill Gaye.

According to our source, "Sonia Singh has started shoot, and her entry will be aired on Monday. Her character name is Neelam, whose family accepts Pankaj as their son-in-law. Soon the roka ceremony of Pankaj and Neelam will be shown, and their marriage will also happen".

The upcoming track will focus on Pankaj and Jyoti taking their individual stands for their future.

Giving more detail on Neelam's character, our source states, "Neelam will neither be a completely positive nor a negative character. She will react differently depending on the situations she is put into".

Confirming the news Sonia Singh told us, "Yes, I have started shooting. However, you need to watch the show to know more about my character".

Let's see how Jyoti and Pankaj's lives shape up now…

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