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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sukirti's Passion For Jewelry

Sukirti Khandpal aka Siddheshwari of Zee's Agle Janam tells us how she can’t get enough of jewelry…

If not an actor, Sukirti Khandpal swears she would've been a jewelry designer, because she loves everything about them.
Sukirti tells us, "If not an actress I would have definitely been a jewelry designer. I love them and I think I pretty much know everything about them. My curiosity about all the precious stones and the different kinds of art when it comes to crafting jewelry made me learn everything about it. I know about their cut, carat, clarity and the other nuances that are involved when it comes to jewelries. I love diamonds and have gifted myself loads of diamond rings. I also am fond of the jadau type of jewelry."

Apparently, Sukirti wants to formalize her passion. She tells us, "I want to study jewelry designing from a proper institute. But we have such weird schedules I don't how I'm going to attend the classes (laughs)."

Interior designing is another thing that makes Sukirti's creative juices flow. "I do have an interest in interior designing. When it comes to doing up a place, I know exactly what I want. I like the British style of interiors…very classy…you know a Victorian touch. I like the pastel shades, huge beds and crystal chandeliers. I really don't like the Indian way for interiors," she signs off.

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