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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Armaan's Entry In Dill Mill Gayye: 11th March 2010 Written Update

Here We go!!!
Naina and Yuv are sharing a moment when naina is abt to leave yuv tells can we talk today as may be we wont get time after this... Naina tells let me go they are just talking when Jp and jiggy comes and informs abt a conert and for the 1st time some doc is performing out there.. Armaan is playing guitar.. they show his eyes...
Ridz and Sid are in the car, ridz thinks what Sid and his mom were talking, Sid also remember the scenes wher he tells her to act infront of her mom he says you wont get any difficulty while acting innfront of her.... Naina gets a call from yuvi.. Yuvi ask how are you? Naina tells i am so confused, Papa wants me to meet some guy i dunno what i will do? yuvi tells to calm down just tell me the name of teh place where you are metting that guy? Naina hangups the fone as her father comes there.. Yuvi tells i cant let you meet some one.. i have to meet you now..

Sid remembers the scenes of his mom.. he tells i am going to meet a girl today.. i am married but still i am going... he tells i and ridz arent friends but we have got married .. We have not any relation btw us and we are still stranger to eachother ..
Sid than says when i will get some time i will think what i am doing.. sometimes i think i am doing a crime with u with mom with everybody.. Ridz says you are a good human being sid.. you did so much for me i dont know how will i pay you for this.. she says only a person who have a big heart can do this...

yuvi text naina and ask the place where she is meeting him? Meanwhile, ridz and sid reach to sanjeevani and all ask him abt his honeymoon.. jp and jiggy leave sfor their duty, yuvi gets a text from naina abt the place.. Sid tells ridz abt he is going to meet a girl today.. ridz tells to wear a white shirt as it suits him.. she further tells him if he will start liking that girl please tell her to meet me.. Sid leaves..

Ridz on the terrace thinks the tiem spent with Sid.. she says wht is happening to me? why i am thinking abt sid.. I am not able to stop myself from thinking abt him.. i didnt felt like this before..

Sid mom and sid are talking.. sid mom tells abt the girl is so pretty .. sid tells wht if she will not like me? sid mom tells its impossible.. Sid tries to excuse himself when the girl dad arrives.. sid turns around to see the girl its none other than naina.. they both sees each other and says "you"?

Jp and jiggy are playing drums and guitar in the cafe when suv tells them to stop... Suv tells you can do whatever u feel like but you cant compete my rock star doc.. raj ask what happened? Jp tells tomrrow some new doc is coming to sanjeevani.. Raj tells yes i am coming as Dr raj.. Suv tells not you my "rockstar" doc.. jiggy tells we dont care abt you.. raj says i am feeling insecure.. who is that doc?? Suvrana starts praising abt how handsome he is.. how goodlooking he is.. suv tells i am so excited.. jp and jiggy ask with whom u are going at his concert? raj says she is going with me.. suv says no i will go on a date only with my rock star.. They show armaan doing boxing...

Armaan still doing kick boxing and the episode finishes on his face...

PrecaP : Armaan comes on the airport.. their ridz takes out her mangal sutra, sindoor, and bangles.. At the end they show Armaan's face which he have shaved just now lo

Credits: Sano88 [I-F]

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