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Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Opportunity: DMG Banner Contest

Hi friends,

Great opportunity for all DMG Lovers. We are announcing the banner contest for this blog. Create and send your banners at activeRK@yahoo.com. We post all your banners due credit to him/her. Most voted and winning banner will be place on the header of this blog due credit to him/her. So sent your banners...

Rules For The Banner Contest :

1. The banner size should be 910 by 150 (Pixels)

2. One member can submit maximum 5 banners (all 5 banners should be different from one another)

3. All banners should be still. Animated banners are not allowed.

4. Do not advertise any banner (or print the maker's name), either through post or PM, which can lead to disqualification.

5. The banner should to be neat and should not contain any sexual content, either in picture or words.

6. Please try to include pictures of as many characters possible. (Banners with only 2-3 Characters will not be accepted).

7.For details on making a banner, please see the link HERE

8. The banners should be PM'd to dmgentries.

9. Sent your banners at activeRK@yahoo.com or aartitheyadav@gmail.com

10. All the qualified banners would be put up for voting after the due date(1st June, 2010) and the one with the maximum votes would be the winner.

12. In case you have any questions regarding the banner contest, please feel free to comment your queries in this post or mail at activeRK@yahoo.com or aartitheyadav@gmail.com

So what are you waiting for? Participate, RIGHT NOW and make your favorite blog look the best with an awesome Banner.
Good luck for everyone.


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