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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Riddhima and Siddharth Enjoying Their Loving Married Life

Riddhima and Siddharth will take a path that will recover the romance in their lives…

With the entry of Shilpa Anand, the fact has been established, if not obviously, that Riddhima (Jennifer Winget) will go with Sid (Karan Wahi) and Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) will start a new phase in his life with Shilpa (Shilpa Anand) on Star One's Dill Mill Gaye.

The latest is that, Riddhima will become more receptive and reciprocative of Sid's attempts at romancing her. According to our source, "Now that Sid has confessed to Riddhima about his feelings for her, there will be marked difference in her behaviour towards him."

The source says, "The two will start living together. The poles apart personalities that they are, they will try to change for one another, make adjustments that would make life compatible with each other."

"Now, there will be no more fights between the two. Just slow realization of the love they have for each other and the deep understanding of each other's feelings. There will be soft subtle romance brewing between the two, quite unlike the raging hatred that once brought them together," the source adds.

We spoke to Karan Wahi who says, "Yes, I have already shot for the sequence where Riddhima and I have started living together."

Will this be similar to Salaam Namaste in any way? "I haven't shot for anything that is similar to Salaam Namaste. We are a married couple who have finally made up our mind to live in the same house," he says.

We asked Karan if the current turn of events definitely plaster the fate of intern Shilpa as the lover of Dr.Armaan. To this the actor jovially replies, "Well, now Sid is fully concentrating on settling his life with Riddhima. He really doesn't have the time to check in on other people's love lives!"

Thus begins a new chapter in the parallel love stories of Rid-Sid and Shilpa-Armaan.

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