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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shilpa Anand Back in Dill Mill Gayye

Shilpa Anand the original Riddhima of Dill Mill Gayye is back from the show.

There was a time when Shilpa Anand fans lamented when the actress opted out of Star One's Dill Mill Gayye!! And the loyal fans have been waiting for their good old Riddhima to come back to the show, ever since.

The news is that Shilpa Anand, the original Riddhima is as well be a part of Dill Mill Gayye again.

According to our source, "Talks with Shilpa have been on for a while now, but the channel and production house have been tight-lipped about it. Even now, there is no confirmation as such got on Shilpa's return".

One set of source told us that Shilpa would be back, and this time not as Riddhima but as a whole new character of Dr. Kangan who will be the new love of Armaan (Karan Singh Grover). However, there is also a buzz that she might be even replacing Jennifer Winget as Riddhima, as Jennifer's contract is about to expire soon.

We contacted Palki Malhotra, Script Head to get an official confirmation. "To tell you frankly, talks are on with Shilpa Anand. I would not deny it. But we have not got any final confirmation from the channel on this, and we are waiting for their nod", Palki said.

When asked her whether if at all Shilpa makes it back, would she come in as a new character, Palki refused to comment. And when we probed further asking whether there is a possibility of Shilpa coming in as Riddhima, she answered with a 'May Be. You never know!!".

We got in touch with Shilpa Anand who said, "Talks are surely on. But I have not got any kind of confirmation as yet".

A little birdie told us that the probable reason for a delay in finalizing Shilpa might be that she is demanding big money!!

Let's wait and watch to know whether Armaan gets his Riddhima back!!

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