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Saturday, September 11, 2010

'The stunts are scary this season'- Karan Singh Grover

Handsome hunk of Star One popular show Dil Mil Gayye shares his experience on Colors’ Fear Factor- Khatron Ke Khiladi x3…

The adventurous and sporty lad Karan Singh Grover, shares his adventurous experience in Colors', Fear Factor-Khatron Ke Khiladi x3 in a jovial chit chat with us…

How scary was Fear Factor- Khatron Ke Khiladi x3?
It was indeed scary, lot of hard stunts its both physically and mentally tough. And things would turn worse when we were expected to perform the stunts in 2 degree temperature, that too at night. Also I like insects but handling too much of them at the same time is not easy (smiles).

Looking at any particular stunt did your inner voice prompt you I don't want to perform this one?

Not really. The stunts were scary no doubt about it but, at the same time it was fun performing them. Though no layman including me would think of doing anything like that in his normal routine (smiles) but, as I'm quite sporty about such acts it was like an adventure trip for me.
And how was the experience with the leading lady Priyanka Chopra?
It was nice she's good, very supportive and we all gelled along very well. According to me she is very good as a host and is doing a great job.

You are also suffering from some injuries could you tell us something about it?

Yup I have injured my knee and was even suffering from 103 degree temperature. Also my early persisting shoulder and back pain showed up again. But we had a physiotherapist on board so wasn't much of a problem.

And who flirted with her the most?
We all were in equal scores on that (smiles). And she is a sweetheart.

How well was the show organized?
It was quite organized and we shot at beautiful places. Also handling 13 contestants and their partners, in all 26 people is not an easy task. But from the time we landed in Brazil all things were in place for us. So, it was great.

To perform such stunts what is more necessary physical abilities or mental setup?
I think both are equally important while performing the stunts can't fall short of anything. A right balance between the two has to be stuck to complete the stunt.

As a layman do you think the show this time is going to be interesting to watch?
Yes, of course it is fascinating and from viewers point of view I think there is a perfect blend of everything they look out for in a reality show.

So did this reality show work as a break for you from your hectic fiction show?
Yes, it did, though I'm evicted now I was hoping for a longer break (smiles). And it is different in all respects so I have enjoyed myself thoroughly.

If you could name, one contestant who kept the atmosphere light on shoots?
Cyrus (smiles) continuously kept on talking, commenting so it was a pleasure working with him and I hope to work with him in future too.

Among the 12 contestants with whom did you share an amazing rapport?
All were very friendly with each other and quite supportive but among all I gelled on well with Rahul Bose he is a very intellectual person to talk with.

To the end what according to you lead to your early elimination?
See the show is not about my individual capabilities we have a companion with us so at the end it is about luck and co-ordination, I think that didn't work in my favor.

Finally some message for the your fans?
India-forums are like a family to me. Thank you for all your support and love, I have even received plenty of get well soon mails thanks a lot for that and I promise to keep you'll entertaining always.

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