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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three Year Of Journey Now Gets Its End !!!

Remember this scene ?
I bet you do , if you have followed this show from the very beginning. The very first Armaan-Riddhima (Karan-Shilpa) scene , the mind blowing chemistry in between them , the very first basketball match we got to see on this show. Who can forget Dill Mill Gayye , who can forget Armaan Riddhima , who can forget Sanjeevani ? Definitely none of the DMG fans. I am sure most of the fans must be feeling nostalgic now remembering all their favourite scenes. Yes the show has come to an end !

DMG started with a great story of 5 friends and their interpersonal relationships. The 5 interns Armaan, Riddhima, Atul, Anjali and Sapna made Sanjeevani a lively hospital and gave us fans a great show to watch out for. Later joined in by 2 more interns Muskaan and Rahul made the show reach even a greater height. The main reason viewers fell in love with the show was the KaSh (Karan-Shilpa) chemistry. It not only made the show an instant hit amongst the youth but also helped Star One in its TRP competition.

The show did hit the wrong notes when the lead actress Shilpa Anand decided to quit the show allegedly due to hostile treatment from the production house. Sukirti Kandpal who joined in as the new Riddhima then was not accepted by all fans but still welcomed by some others. Slowly Sukirti was successful in making a decent fanbase for her. But unfortunately even she decided to quit the show after its not so good plat and storyline. Thereafter joined in Jennifer Winget , who instantly connected with the fans and thus KaJen became popular in a short period of time.

The story did undergo some drastic changes with introduction of new interns.
But on popular demand by the fans, AR finally lived happily ever after.

I have been a great fan of this show especially KaSh , and the first few months of DMG were like a treat for me to watch. Though I felt, the story in the last few months was baseless and the creatives just wanted to drag the show somehow.

I feel nostalgic remembering all those AR scenes. If DMG comes back with a new season I would just hope the production house decide to pair up KSG and Shilpa Anand.

I am sure even you guys would like to share your views , your emotions, please feel free to comment in here.
Will miss all you guys who took time out and visited this blog on a regular basis !

Take care guys !
Lots of love,

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